12 october 2021 year
Three ways to take part in the all-Russian population census

The residents of Primorye have three ways to take part in the All-Russian Population Census, which is to be held from October 15 to November 14 in all regions of the country. Everyone can choose the one that suits him the most.

Firstly, it will be possible to take part in the All-Russian Population Census online - through the State Service portal.

The second way to go through the procedure is through an official enumerator. You can wait for him at home.

In addition, the census will be available at the nearest Multifunctional Public Services Center.

Recall that a population census is a record of all people in a certain territory: in a state, region or village.

Source: Government of the Primorsky Territory

ANMSU Press Center

12 october 2021 year