7 october 2021 year
Educational project «Russia of the 18th century. Bering Expeditions»

The ANMSU Museum joined the educational project «Russia of the 18th century. Bering Expedition», which many educational and cultural institutions of the country joined in the year of the 340th anniversary of the birth of Vitus Bering and the 280th anniversary of the Second Kamchatka Expedition.

The cannon from the packet boat St. Peter, which under the command of the famous captain-commander made his way to the American continent across the Pacific Ocean in 1741 is the central exhibit of the Museum.

Back in 1974, ANMSU yachtsmen on the Rodina yacht (captain LK Lysenko, now a professor at the Department of Ship Management) began physical modeling of Bering's voyages. The task of the yachtsmen was to follow the routes of the expeditions of the captain-commander in similar conditions. In 1981, seven guns from the St. Peter packet boat (one of them is kept in the university museum) were raised from the coastal strip of the Commander Bay.

Archaeological finds, video and photographic materials, maps, ship models, and sculptural images have become material for excursions for cadets and students of the ANMSU Maritime Engineering College.

M.R. Kameneva, director of the Museum

7 october 2021 year