4 october 2021 year
The next issue of the University newspaper Meridian published

The next issue of the "Meridian" newspaper acquaints readers with the most important and interesting events that took place at ANMSU.

The grand opening of the ANMSU Far Eastern Maritime Training Center was the key event of the past months. On September 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Minister of Transport Vitaly Savelyev, visited the Far Eastern Maritime Training Center, which was put into operation in July 2021.

The newspaper tells about the celebration of the Day of Knowledge on September 1, about international relations and joint problem solving in Northeast Asia; 4th year cadets of the ANMSU Navigation Faculty Ivan Yepaneshnikov and Danil Velikov share their impressions of their trip to Moscow to the finals of the Horizon-2100 International Youth Competition, in which they became winners in the Future of the World direction; about the graduates of this year from all faculties of the University.

Readers will learn about the All-Russian competitions of robotic boats (unmanned vessels) held in Vladivostok on the water area of the lake of the Minny Gorodok park. The competition was organized by ANMSU and the Center for the Development of Robotics within the framework of the project "Engineering Contests and Competitions in Marine Robotics".

Meridian number 3 (121) September 2021

ANMSU Press Center

4 october 2021 year