30 september 2021 year
New technology to help return cleanliness of water areas

Congratulations to the ANMSU team on the international holiday - World Maritime Day is celebrated on September 30. This day has been celebrated since 1978 by decision of the 10th session of the Assembly of the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization. 

Scientists of the Faculty of Environmental Safety and Shelf Development are engaged in the research and design of OSR technologies in water areas, including in the conditions of freezing seas. The laboratory of marine robotics of the scientific and innovative complex «Marine Technopark» is working out technologies for monitoring oil pollution of sea areas using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Currently, FESSD employees are conducting field tests of a new technology for the rehabilitation of contaminated water bodies.

FESSD scientists conducted field tests of the technology for the rehabilitation of contaminated water bodies on the Solenoye Lake in Nakhodka. The test program was developed by them according to the technology proposed by OOO Zemlerad, and is carried out in cooperation with OOO Zeleny Patrol (Nakhodka) and OOO Zemlerad (Novosibirsk). The scientific supervision of the trials is carried out by the dean of FESSD. S.Yu. Moninets talks about how these tests were carried out and what the first results showed.

«Samples of water and bottom sediments made it possible to identify zones of concentration of pollution, primarily oil products. On September 1, a preparation was introduced in the selected area, which, together with saturation of the water column with oxygen, helps to stimulate the local microfauna to decompose pollutants in water, and most importantly in bottom sediments. The goal of our work was to make sure that this technology is effective. The tests have been going on for three weeks. The full cycle of the tested technology is four weeks. Visual observations allow us to state a positive effect.

The whole process of the lake rehabilitation using the tested technology can take several months. This is a separate program that should be appropriately funded».

Tatiana Kashirskaya, ANMSU Press Center

30 september 2021 year