18 september 2020 year
The second stage of the Third All-Russian Competition Aquarobotech-2020

The second stage of the Third All-Russian Competition in marine robotics Aquarobotech-2020 will be held in Vladivostok as part of the Scientific and Practical Conference «Prospects for the development of sea-based robotic complexes (systems)» in the Water Training and Sports Complex (Pool) of the Maritime State University from 22 to 25 September 2020.
The Competition objectives:
- search and identification among young scientists (graduate students and students) of innovative breakthrough scientific, technical and technological ideas;
- a comparative analysis of existing and proposed technical solutions in the development, creation and operation of robotic systems and their elements for sea-based systems.
Student teams in the areas of ROV (remotely operated unmanned underwater vehicles) and AUV (autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles) will need to complete several tasks.
Marine robotic systems are increasingly being used in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and in the Navy.
The plenary session of the Conference following the results of the Sea Breeze and Aquarebotech-2020 Competitions will be held at the Far Eastern Federal University on September 26, 2020.

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18 september 2020 year