Center for international studies (CIS) was established at Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University in 2003. Its staff was responsible for monitoring international situation in Asia-Pacific region; conducting researches in such areas as regional security and international cooperation; implementing innovative projects under the concept of public diplomacy; coordinating scientific conferences and workshops; and publishing scientific materials.

The development of Russian higher education requires improving organization of researches, innovation and education at universities. It was decided at MSU(N) to follow the way of creation of scientific and educational centers integrating efforts of scientists, experts, post-graduate and graduate students and cadets. Scientific research institute of maritime transport was created and incorporated Center for maritime international studies (CMIS, the successor of CIS) on January 1, 2011. In 2020, in order to solve specific scientific problems, CMIS was transformed into the Scientific and Educational Center for Maritime Transport and Spatial Logistics.  

Scientists and researchers of the Center are engaged in research projects in relevant areas and topics related to transport and logistics. At the same time, the best research projects of CIS - CMIS continue.