The air-cushion supported tracks combine the advantages of both an aircushion and a track which has high sea keeping quality and allows to get over swamps, snow and sand of any depth, providing a sparing effect on the slacking terrain. The air- cushion supported tracks produce safe operation on smooth, slash and hummocky ice as well as during maneuvers in brash and melting ice.
The new arrangement proposed here ensures high nautical qualities of the vehicles under difficult conditions of eddy bar and coral reefs. The unique and universal running qualities make it satisfy main transport and technological needs in unaccomodated regions by a small number of vehicles.
The guard of the surplus pressure band is made in the form of the wide elastics brought round the smooth driving drums. Instead of grousers light pneumatic cylinders of large diameter are used. These units are made in wear resistant strong material.
The air-cushion volume greatly increases the buoyancy, stability and floodability. The air supported tracks eff is practically adequate to the propeller erf, still-water speed is 6 - 8 knots.
For necessities of global shelf and seasid mastering problem of creation
of transport-technological systems is put with vehicles with air-cushion supported
tracks.The possibility of creation of transport - technological system delivering
cargo "from door to door" on the remote coast and performing the technological operation on shelf and land is shown. Advantages of vehicles with air-cushion supported trecks in such conditions are described.
With its track ability our vehicle can be used as amphibian cargo platform tug on the air-cushion and service man cultural plantations. Our transportation system can be tonnage 0.5 - 60.0 t.

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Мореходные экологичные вездеходы на воздухоопорных гусеницах the universal marine transport means with air-cushion supported tracks.
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