10 августа 2020 года
How to apply for enrollment consent?

In 2020, applicants do not need a paper certificate for admission to a university, its role will be played by consent to enroll in a university. We explain how you need to issue consent for enrollment, both to state-financed openings and under an agreement to pay for tuition in the G.I. Nevelskoy MSU.
Why do I need consent to be enrolled in high school?
Consent to enroll in a university is a document by signing which you legally confirm that you agree to be admitted to a specific university. It is necessary so that in the first and second waves of admission, the admissions committee understands which applicants need to be enrolled in state-financed openings. If you go to the university by points and submitted the original of the certificate there, but did not sign the enrollment consent, you will not be able to be enrolled!
What is the special role of enrollment consent in 2020?
This year, admission takes place remotely, and the original of the certificate is not needed - an electronic copy is enough. Therefore, it is the consent to enrollment that will show whether the applicant is going to enter the chosen university. in 2020, you can Submit documents, as before, to 5 universities, but consent to enrollment can only be in one!
How to apply for enrollment in 2020?
Consent to enrollment is submitted in the same form in which the applicant submitted the documents. If you submitted your documents through the information system of the university, send your consent there. The application must be signed by the applicant and scanned in good quality - otherwise it will not be accepted.
Is it possible to submit consent to enroll in several universities?
No! You can only agree to enroll in one university at a time. Moreover, in the very agreement, the applicant confirms that he did not give consent to enroll in other universities. It is not difficult to check this - all universities "upload" data to a common database, so a potential violator can be easily identified. This is done so that one person is not accidentally enrolled in two universities.
Can one withdraw his/her consent to enroll in a university?
Yes, you can. This must be done if you decide to enroll in another university; first you must revoke the old consent, then write and send a new one. But keep in mind that you can only submit consent to one university twice. Do not forget that the procedure for withdrawing and submitting consent takes time - it must be processed by the admissions office. Therefore, calculate your time and do not postpone the submission of consent until the last day if you understand that you are making it through by points. It is difficult, but possible to be enrolled in state-financed openings. Take every chance. Do not hesitate to ask questions at the admissions office if something is not clear. Go for it, you will succeed!

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10 августа 2020 года