18 may 2020 year
We remember, we are proud!

Cadets, students and teachers of the Maritime College with the G.I. Nevelskoy MSU took part in creating an exposition and an electronic booklet for the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Today it is especially important to preserve, protect and propagate the history of Victory from generation to generation, to bear the memory of the exploits of their families and compatriots. Despite the conditions of distance learning, first-year cadets and students of all specialties collected information about their relatives who heroically fought on the front lines or worked in the rear during the Great Patriotic War. Some teachers also presented data on their family members’ deeds during the war. The informatics teachers composed the virtual album in the lockdown, and we were able to see the result of the work of our students. As soon as the lockdown is removed, a permanent exhibition of photographs and messages on the topic Heroes of my Family will be arranged in Building 9 of the Maritime College. Virtual Memory Album and e-booklets can be viewed by clicking on the links:


Мы помним! Мы гордимся! (электронные буклеты 9 мая)

V. A. Vodoskova

18 may 2020 year