2 march 2017 year
«Do not get lost under the hatches!»

March 1st a regular meeting of the Nevelskoy MSU Literary Messroom was held. The books by Vitold Yadryshnikov, chief engineer, FEHEMC graduate, who worked at sea for nearly fifty years, were presented to cadets.

The books contain a lot of interesting recollections about FEHEMC teachers and officers, friends and schoolmates etc.

In his books Vitold Yadryshnikov described many cases where it was necessary to get out of very difficult and dangerous situations. Professionalism and responsibility enable a person to take the right decision plus self-control, the ability to pull oneself together. Vitold Yadryshnikov’s motto «Do not get lost in trouble!» is still relevant for any seafarer in any era.

Galina Yakunina

2 march 2017 year