The Program of Radar Simulator has been upgraded 14.03.18. Radar controls functions have been extended(ARPA including). Coast line, depths and buoys now available.
Patent of invention Collision Avoidance System using Common Maritime Information Environment, the author V.Petrov, has been registered in RosPatent in March 2015.
The presentation of the patent performed on 14th October 2015 at the TEAM-2015 conference.
Also on 14th October 2015 at the TEAM-2015 conference the papers has been presented as follows:
Significance and safety of the cargo operations of the vessels aground
Software Solutions for the Model Courses Development.
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  The intensive development of the information technology offers the existing possibilities for the control-trainining system application for computer-based learning  in the process of education and extends the wide possibilities for the students record of the knowlege level and students performance.

For this purpose in the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University the series of control-training programs has been developed and tested in the teaching and learning activity and may be of utility to the teachers an cadets of the maritime learning institutions.

The Programs are free distributed under the terms of the  Open User License  wich you must have a look at carefully previous to the  Programs handling.

All your comments and suggestions if any on the Programs offered will be used with appreciation for the Programs improvement and for the following next applications development .

Just look for the updatings in this page and in  Publication, and I hope seamen people will find some usefull applications.

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